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  • Freeform Earrings

    Elements by Jill Schwartz


    Fabric spirals topped with sequin flowers.  Pretty whimsical earrings by Jill Schwartz.  G…

  • Orient Earrings

    Elements by Jill Schwartz


    A classic style by Jill Schwartz Elements.  Vintage resin roses garnished with olive jade beads…

  • Clairvoyance Earrings

    Elements by Jill Schwartz


    From Jill Schwartz, you would expect nothing less that a pretty, whimsical piece of art to wear. &nb…

  • Triple Tiered Necklace

    Elements by Jill Schwartz


    Always beautiful jewelry by Jill Schwartz with a vintage feel.  This layered necklace is femini…

  • Holly Yashi Mistral Earring Blue

    Holly Yashi


    The Mistral earring by Holly Yashi.  Beautifully colored niobium accented with a colorful gemst…

45 of 45 Items