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  • Revival Earring

    Holly Yashi


    Bohemian glass with Swarovski crystal.  This is a pretty, simple earring that is stunning. B…

  • Viva Necklace by Firefly Jewelry



    A lovely delicate necklace with five intricate mosaic pieces.  Swarovski crystals are artfully …

  • Feather Necklace

    A fun,bohemian style necklace.  These necklaces are made with silver alloy beads on a waxed cot…

  • Julep Earring

    Holly Yashi


    A pretty contemporary glass earring from Holly Yashi.  An elongated glass bead accented by a co…

  • Misty Point Earring

    Holly Yashi


    A striking earring sure to make a statement.  Gentle folds of niobium in shade of rich deep bro…

  • June Bug Earring

    Holly Yashi


    Sweet little flower bead dangling from a gold hoop. Vintage style glass bead Gold overlay hoop …

  • Cabana Necklace

    Holly Yashi


    Bohemian style and color!  This is a beautiful tiered necklace made with colorful glass and Swa…

  • River Song Bracelet

    Holly Yashi


    A mix media bracelet with lightweight niobium charms that move like fluttering leaves.  Beautif…

  • Celeste Earrings

    Holly Yashi


    A beautiful hammered hoop encircling a dainty blue faceted crystal. Silver overlay hoop Faceted…

  • Ciara Earring

    Holly Yashi


    Simple beauty from Holly Yashi.  A lovely rectangle piece of niobium with an oriental feel to t…

  • Windscape Earring

    Holly Yashi


     The Windscape earring by Holly Yashi.  Beautifully colored niobium accented with a colorf…

  • Coco Bracelet

    Holly Yashi


    A beautiful combo of European crystals and dichroic glass.  Colorful beads that are sure to mak…

  • Sea of Gold Necklace

    Elements by Jill Schwartz


    A stunning pendant of assorted glass beads, rhinestones and imitation turquoise.  Beautiful wit…

  • Spring Leaf Earrings

    Elements by Jill Schwartz


    Four tiny aqua glass beads nested in a silver leaf.  Simple beauty by Jill Schwartz Elements. &…

36 of 45 Items